Before the tying of the knots or even planning out the designs, we hop on the road to our favorite local ETX beach to spend the next few hours digging, crawling through bushes, stacking up piles & making what feels like 1000 hauls back & forth with our arms loaded down with washed up driftwood.

By the time we’ve collected all that we can, we’re covered in sand & absolutely exhausted, knowing that we are heading home just to get back to work for the rest of the evening in our studios.

It’s a long, sweaty, sandy ass day.

But as much effort as just step one of creating my pieces is, knowing that what I get to create isn’t only my work, or the work Erica so selflessly puts in to help me, but the work of something much bigger than me is absolutely exhilarating.

I get to create pieces using art made by something much greater than man. It’s some of the truest beauty in the most natural form. It ignites so much inspiration & has me itching to get my ideas out of my head & into the world

I’m only half the artist for my pieces, the other is the most talented of us all. 

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