Kristen Anne Fibers Top Fiber Supplier Guide

Finding the fiber supplier right for you is something you do have to decide for yourself. No two fibers will be the same when purchasing from different shops. Even if they are the exact same size, color & material, they will have their own feel, their own structure, a different richness in color, they will brush out differently when unraveling and creating fringe. They truly are their own.

I encourage you to try out a few different suppliers to actually put your hands on the materials & get a feel for what feels right for you.

However, I am happy to share with you links to the suppliers fibers I’ve found to be best for my projects.

KET Mercantile | Carrying a wide range of both macrame and weaving fibers, as well as frames, weaving looms, earring bases, and fiber tools, KET Mercantile is a one stop shop, especially if looking to purchase wholesale.

Modern Macrame | 50% of my shelf storage includes Modern Macrame’s fibers, as they offer a wide range of rich colors and create my preferred look for projects when using rope or textiles made with colored cord. You will also find a large variety of online tutorials, fiber tools and supplies in stock. Although they do not offer wholesale, they do offer a bulk discount.

Ganxxet | The other 50% of my shelf storage. Ganxxet is a well known fiber supplier carrying a wide range of weaving, macrame, knitting and crotchet supplies also offering wholesale. They carry the largest selection of colors I’ve seen and have become my go to for textiles that will include a large color palette. Their prices are affordable and there is no sacrifice in the quality of their material. They also have a really good rewards program to stock up on discounts. A personal note, I also really love how supportive and interactive they are with their customers.

Northwood and Pine | Offering both macrame and weaving supplies, Northwood and Pine carries a selection of premium quality fibers and tools clearly curated for creatives. If you are looking to create weavings that refuse to go unnoticed, working on smaller scale macrame projects or wanting to add in that extra touch to set your work a part, you are sure to find what your creative soul is craving in this Etsy fiber art supplies shop. Don’t know exactly which fiber combos your artwork needs but have a color scheme or style in mind? No problem. Allison offers hand picking your custom fibers for you to help get you going. Although there is not the option for wholesale, her bulk discount offering takes the place and allows for an affordable selection of materials without any sacrifice in quality.

For which fibers I recommend from each fiber supplier

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